Që gjithçka të jetë perfekte edhe tryeza e darkës së festave duhet të jetë e dekoruar në të njëjtën frymë festive.

Ngjyrat kryesore të dekoreve janë gjithmonë ato të së kuqes me të bardhën, por ka edhe një kontrast të argjendit, të arit dhe jeshiles.

Propozime klasike, të sofistikuara dhe elegante, përzierje me ngjyrat e tokës, në temat si Country, Argjendi, Goldi dhe Natyra, janë ato që kanë mbuluar të gjitha revistat.

Më poshtë ju sjellim disa ide se si ti realizoni këto.


It doesn't take much to decorate a neutral room for the holidays. This blogger draped a vintage blanket over her white table to add color and creativity to with zero to no work involved. See more at City Farmhouse »


There's something about this white-and-black checkered pattern that screams rustic, yet high style. When paired with wooden chargers you've got an unforgettable table spread. See more at The White Buffalo Styling Co. »

Everyone has a favorite Christmas jingle. Why not use it to add a graphic element to your dining room table? This blogger chose John Lennon's Happy Christmas and topped it off with rustic mason jars and greenery. See more at View From the Fridge »

Green pine branches stand out in the most festive way when paired with black and white. And don't even get us started on how much we love the Scandinavian touch of the brass candlesticks. See more at Annabode + Co. »

 Christmas tree ornaments shouldn't be limited to just the tree — scatter them on the table to create a presentation that mirrors the theme you've created in the living room. See more at Ciera Design »

"My favorite color choice for a festive table is always red. No other color packs the punch that red does. I love single-color arrangements of roses, tulips, and carnations, so I did four of them for the centerpiece around an antique hurricane. The tablecloth is my very cheerful Celeste pattern. It says 'fun' instantly." — Michael Devine, Fabric designer and retailer, Kinderhook, NY

Take a hint from your plaid table runner, and carry red hues throughout the rest of the tablescape — plates and ribbon accents included. See more at Take Six »

Instead of filling up the table with names, jot down a note of Christmas cheer on a DIY chalkboard tag. See more at The Lily Pad Cottage »

"The idea here is to keep the colors calming and soft. I love using two colors on a table. It has a bigger impact and creates a stronger story. I've mixed white with gray, silver, and crystal to create this glimmering holiday lunch. All whites — and all off-whites, for that matter — go together, regardless of provenance, style, or age." — Victoria Amory, Writer, Palm Beach

Recreate a shimmery forest with miniature evergreens and carefully carved logs. See more at The Sweet Escape »

Blend in candles with the rest of a tablescape by turning them ombre — this blogger used red acrylic paint. See more at One O »